The two most typical reasons to get a web server of your own are in the event that a shared Internet hosting account can't cope with the load of the Internet sites hosted in it or if the Internet sites require specific software to be operating on the server, but it can't be installed on a shared machine. In these situations you can get your own server, but this entails that you'll be responsible for its maintenance, which is not the case with a shared hosting server where the hosting company carries out everything. In this light, we've introduced a Managed Services upgrade, which may be added to any of our hosting server plans if you don't have the time or the capabilities to handle your machine. Our system admins shall install and troubleshoot software, update your Operating System plus much more so as to supply you with the chance to focus on building your Internet sites as opposed to managing various maintenance tasks.

Managed Services Package in VPS Web Hosting

You can acquire the Managed Services upgrade for any of our virtual private server packages either during the signup procedure or later on through your billing account if you require it. You could also decide if you'll do this only once and not renew the upgrade the next month or if you will use the service for as long as you employ the virtual private server since a wide range of things are included. For example, if you install some software on the server and something bad happens, we'll be able to restore everything the way it was since the Managed Services pack comes with regular backups of the whole VPS. Additionally, our administrators will keep an eye on the hosting server and the processes running on it, so they could reboot it when necessary. They'll also install any third-party software you require or troubleshoot a script program which doesn't work efficiently. They will also make sure that your virtual private server works as efficiently as possible as they will update the Operating System using the latest security updates which are released.

Managed Services Package in Dedicated Servers Hosting

The pack is available with all dedicated servers hosting packages we offer and if you wish to take full advantage of all services it offers, you can add it with a click on the web server order page or any time you need it from your billing CP. You may also determine if you'll use this upgrade continuously as it can be renewed separately from the dedicated hosting server plan. If you have important information on the hosting server, we'll back it up regularly as fifty GB of disk space on a separate hosting server shall be at your disposal. Our admins shall also monitor the server all the time, install the latest updates for its Operating System and reboot it every time this is required. Since the Managed Services package features installation and troubleshooting as well, they can also help you with any third-party software and install it for you. This will permit you to use our server even if you aren't very tech-savvy and you haven't used a hosting server of your own before.